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Relapse Prevention Classes in Decatur Marietta Atlanta

Relapse Prevention Classes

We take pride in the Relapse Prevention Classes in Decatur Marietta and Atlanta, which we our counselors facilitate on weekdays and weeknights and weekends.

What can we do?

Recovery is a life-long commitment. Participants work on cognitive behavioral interventions and develop skills and tools to avoid relapse.

To ensure compliance with all probationary terms and conditions, attendance to these therapeutic group enactment Relapse Prevention Classes is essential.

The weight of everyday life can seem like it takes a toll but keeping a resilient attitude can help you through it. Many may not realize the number of risk factors you can encounter in one day. For example the pressure from working, dealing with family issues, managing a social life and dealing with a substance addiction on top of that can be very stressful. Part of being on the road to recovery is identifying your risk factors and planning accordingly. Coming into contact with one or two risk factors might not seem like a big deal but dealing with these factors can have a multilevel stress effect on individuals. Those whom haven’t developed their resilience can buckle under the pressure.

Each session consists of 3 hours..




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