Psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia
Mood disorders such as depression
Eating disorders such as bulimia
Anxiety disorders such as panic attacks
Bipolar disorder
Substance use disorder such as drug and alcohol abuse
Post-Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Mental Health Evaluations are extremely useful in figuring out the reasons a person thinks, acts, feels, and remembers in the ways that they do. They can also determine whether an individual may have a co-occurring disorder such as depression and a substance use disorder. Furthermore, a Mental Health Evaluation is useful in figuring out whether the mental issue is not stemming from some sort of physical problem such as a traumatic brain injury or a thyroid issue.

There can be a certain amount of stigma or judgement associated with a Mental Health Evaluation which should not have any place in the client’s mind prior to receiving one. Just as a Mental Health Evaluation can diagnose a disorder like schizophrenia, it can also figure out if an individual has no diagnosis. What this means is that a Mental Health Evaluation can be done and is done on all the gambit of individuals on this planet. Just because you have been asked to do one does not mean you are crazy. Normally someone asking for a Mental Health Evaluation to be done just wants the most accurate and comprehensive version of an assessment done.

  • court-ordered mental health evaluation
  • mental health assessment for divorce
  • mental health assessment for child custody
  • mental health assessment for employment
  • mental health assessment for immigration
  • menta health assessment for probation/parole
  • mental health assessment for diversion/pretrial services
  • Sudden changes in daily routine albeit work, school, or home life.
  • Increase anxiety and paranoia or fear of friends, co-workers, etc.
  • Sudden and long-term mood changes
  • Withdrawal or interest from normally engaging activities
  • Apathetic feelings towards life, loss of desire
  • Feelings of disconnection from their surroundings, themselves, or other
  • Changes whether they be increase or decrease in sleep or appetite
  • Difficulty remembering or trouble with simple mental tasks
  • Prescription medications and any other prior diagnosis
  • Changes in diet or weight
  • Any events or happenings that may worsen any symptoms
  • How often and how long any symptoms may be occurring
  • Irrational thinking or catastrophizing

Make sure you have ample time to complete the Mental Health Evaluation. Normally these can range from anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. Also be sure to fill out your intake forms truthfully and completely. Having all of your paperwork completed prior to your evaluation will be the key to you getting a copy soon after you have finished.

Mental Health Evaluations are done to see what recommendation may be given to you to help your particular situation. Be sure to ask your evaluator to explain exactly what they are expecting from you so that there is no confusion moving forward. Evaluations typically have an expiration date so be sure to ask your evaluator about this as well. If your evaluation expires you will be required to get a new one in order to complete whatever recommendation you have received.


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