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Immigration Evaluations


We offer mental health assessments and psychological evaluations for immigration an ICE hold purposes.  All Immigration evaluations are done by trained and certified counselors who are experienced in the specific type of evaluation you need for your immigration petition. Immigration evaluations we offer include:

  • Substance Abuse and DUI Evaluations for Immigration
  • Criminal Offense / Risk of Recidivism Evaluations for Immigration
  • Domestic Violence Evaluations (Anger Management or Family Violence Intervention)

DUI Evaluation and Treatment for Immigration

Why do you need a DUI evaluation and treatment for immigration? If you or a loved one has been detained by ICE and are in deportation proceedings due to a DUI or substance abuse arrest or you need to post bond and fight your case, we can help. The Department of Homeland Security and the judges look favorably on individuals who get a DUI Evaluation and treatment for immigration purposes.

In an apparent change in policy, U.S. immigration authorities are now taking a hardline approach to individuals who have alcohol or drug related charges or offenses, marking a significant shift in how immigration cases are processed (USCIS, May 2, 2018).

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