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MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy) Classes

MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy) is a cognitive-behavioral treatment model for substance abuse and criminal justice offenders. MRT is a multifaceted treatment approach for individuals in need of a stronger, moral-based reasoning structure when making decisions. The MRT curriculum is designed to enhance moral reasoning skills by facilitating dialogues related to assessing appropriateness of specific decisions in particular contexts. The foundation of the MRT model was based off the understanding that healthy, constructive decision-making is the reflection of a deeper level or moral reasoning, which contributes to the assessment of potential options/courses of action. As long as maladaptive, habitual cognitive patterns are allowed to dominate over decision-making faculties without consideration of consequences or purposeful deliberation with the inclusion of healthier alternatives (inspired by deeper insights fostered in educational settings such as MRT classes), the likelihood of recidivism remains high. On the other hand, individuals who fully participate in this process that the MRT class setting provides stand a markedly higher chance of abstaining from the behaviors that warranted the original need of the classes to begin with.

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MRT encourages participants to adopt a sense of inner awareness and personal responsibility to make the necessary transformation away from old thought and behavioral patterns. Our MRT class instructors are well-equipped to foster these changes with clients who demonstrate a level of openness and willingness by invoking discussions which cultivate insight. Furthermore, the MRT class curriculum provides participants with the cognitive resources to assist in the restructuring of maladaptive thought patterns and subsequent behaviors. To register for an MRT class, call 404-594-1770.

MRT is a SAMHSA NREPP evidence based program.

Why is MRT important?

To ensure compliance with all probationary terms and conditions, attendance to these therapeutic group enactment classes is essential. MRT classes are ordered by Judges and Probation Officers for various reasons. The goal is to lower recidivism and lower disciplinary infractions.



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