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First DUI

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Complete an evaluation to be compliant with State Law

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Multiple DUI

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Evaluations and Assessments for 2 or more DUIs within 5 years

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Habitual DUI

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Evaluations and Assessments for 3 or more DUIs within 5 years

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Risk Reduction (RRP) DUI School

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20 hour Education Program also known as DUI School

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In-State DUI

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DUIs that have been obtained in the State of Georgia

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Out-of-State DUI

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DUIs that have been obtained beyond GA state lines, may require additional information or State specific guidelines

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DUI Clinical Evaluation

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Courts require individuals charged with 1st or multiple DUI’s to get a DUI Clinical Evaluation (DUI Evaluation) to determine eligibility for the Fulton County DUI program.

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DUI Evaluation

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The State of Georgia DUI Intervention Program regulates the DUI Evaluation and “Requirements Met” in order to reinstate your driver’s license.

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DUI Evaluation
(Atlanta | Decatur | Marietta) Georgia

A DUI Clinical Evaluation is required for charges by the state for driving while under the influence (DUI) or a DUI charge that has been reduced to reckless driving. DUI Clinical Evaluations are regulated by the state of Georgia DUI Intervention Program for all persons charged with

  • 1st DUI
  • Multiple DUI
  • Habitual DUI.

Multiple DUI Evaluations are handled a bit differently and may require an in-depth collateral interview with family members and close friends.

DUI Clinical Evaluations are mandated by the Courts and DDS. They are required for two reasons.

  • License Reinstatement
  • Court and Probation Assessment

Evaluations for

  • In-state
  • Out-of-state

situations are also conducted for DUI.

All DUI and reckless driving charges require a

  • DUI Clinical Evaluation
  • DUI School Risk Reduction Classes
  • MADD Classes
  • Community service
  • and sometimes additional classes

DUI Clinical Evaluations are confidentially administered on an outpatient basis and assess potentially addictive and substance abuse behaviors for a variety of substances, including

  • methamphetamines
  • cocaine
  • heroin
  • marijuana
  • alcohol
  • and several other substances

Regardless of the specific substance(s) of abuse, the DUI Evaluation process involves

  • review of medications
  • medical history
  • information from past or present counseling sessions
  • participation in self-help or 12-step programs
    (e.g. Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, etc.)

in order to fully assess client readiness for the restoration of

their driving privileges.

Additionally, the DUI Evaluation may yield specific recommendations for treatment where necessary. The client will be provided with a copy of the DUI Evaluation outcomes and suggested treatment options following the assessment.

Chief Evaluator

Our chief evaluator has served over 28 years in the criminal justice system and is a subject matter expert in DUI matters. Your evaluation will be conducted in a fair and expeditious manner utilizing all current assessment tools and techniques.


Given that DUI Evaluations, along with the treatment recommendations provided, are often used to minimize and alleviate court sentences, individuals are highly encouraged to undergo evaluations as soon as possible, which demonstrates to the court and prosecution your willingness to take responsibility for your actions and follow-thru with the suggested treatment plan. Please make sure you discuss your situation with one of our Clinical Evaluators to determine the best course of action for your case.

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