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DUI Clinical Evaluations in Atlanta

Courts require individuals charged with 1st or multiple DUI’s to get a DUI Clinical Evaluation (DUI Evaluation) to determine eligibility for the Fulton County DUI program. The DUI Evaluation must be conducted, per Georgia Law, on adjudicated cases whether it’s DUI (FIRST/ MULTIPLE/HABITUAL). Some attorneys encourage individuals to obtain an evaluation prior to appearing in court, so they can show a good faith effort.

Given that DUI  Clinical Evaluations, along with the treatment recommendations provided, are often used to minimize and alleviate court sentences, individuals are highly encouraged to undergo evaluations as soon as possible, which demonstrates to the court and prosecution your willingness to take responsibility for your actions and follow-thru with the suggested treatment plan. If you or someone you know is in need of a DUI  Clinical Evaluation in Atlanta, please contact us for a comprehensive, personalized assessment or make a referral.

Please make sure you discuss your situation with one of our Clinical Evaluators to determine the best course of action for your case.

DUI Clinical Evaluations

DUI Clinical Evaluations at www.aacsatlanta.com

Georgia DUI intervention program

AA Court Services is located near the State Court in Atlanta and we provide DUI Clinical Evaluations during convenient hours to all individuals. Please follow the link to get detailed information about the DUI program in Fulton County.

How to find an evaluator in Fulton County



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