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DUI Classes in Marietta

  • Have you been arrested for a DUI?
  • Has your DUI been reduced to a Reckless Driving?
  • Have you been arrested for possession of marijuana with less than an ounce?
  • Have you been arrested for a misdemeanor or a felony that requires completing alcohol drug or DUI classes in Marietta?
DUI Classes in Marietta


  • Do you need help with DUI Classes in Marietta?
  • Is your busy schedule preventing you from completing your requirements for court and probation?
  • DO you want your Driver’s License reinstated as soon as possible?

At AACS we make convenience a priority. By offering an extensive schedule and including weeknights and weekends, we try to serve people of all stages in life.


Driving while intoxicated is not legal and dangerous

These are the inner struggles of addiction to alcohol that may cause DUI arrest, at least from our modality, says that it would be in your best interest not to use. If you find that you are trouble and have relapsed, IF YOU SURVIVE, let’s talk about it and discuss your consequences. Let’s look at how things are working out now and make the necessary adjustments to living a better life.

The courts and the Department of Driver’s Services have their own requirements when it comes to DUI.

To register for this class, please call 404-594-1770.

To learn more about additional steps required by DDS and DBHDD of Atlanta, Georgia, please visit the link below.



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