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How complicated is an Anger Management Evaluation in Marietta?

Anger Management Evaluation in Marietta is a process that begins with simply making an appointment. When you come in the first step is to fill out a questionnaire and then meet with an evaluator privately to discuss the unique circumstances of your visit and the need for an anger management evaluation.

Anger Management Evaluations

Anger looks ugly

The second step consists of taking a preprinted, short test that clinically measures your anger pathology scale.  The results from this test in combination with your individual assessment with the evaluator will determine your overall scores and result in a recommendation that will suit your needs.

Is anger a normal emotion?

Yes, it is normal to get angry once in a while. As a matter of fact, if you don’t there may be some concerns about the way you process your feelings. We all have situations of

  • disappointments
  • moments of perceived wrong-doings
  • injustice

It is very acceptable to responsd in a healthy manner that may include some anger. However, most of us react instead of responding. We allow rage to take control of our emotions.

An Anger Management Evaluation in Marietta may be the best thing you could for your

  • relationship
  • job
  • overall communication
  • sometimes to fulfill a court or probation requirement

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